Private Sector Capacity Building in Agricultural R&D

Agricultural research and development in Bangladesh have been mostly led by public institutions. The success of these institutions, especially in variety development, plant and animal breeding, and biotechnological interventions, is remarkable. For example, both biotic and abiotic stress-tolerant crop varieties are developed which can perform better against diseases, heat, drought, »

Sonalika Tractor: August 2021 Campaign Bonanza

In August 2021, ACI Motors organized a series of campaigns for the customers of Sonalika Tractor. Tractor Display Days, Game Show, Field Demo, and Performance Tests were some of events under this campaign. Throughout the month, ACI Motors organized 8 display camps where around 360 people participated. In these camps, »

ACI PGR Rapid: Creating Buzz among Commercial Mango and Guava Farmers

In August 2021, ACI Fertilizer had organized different meetings with commercial mango farmers at Chapainawabganj, Rajshahi, Naogaon, Rangpur, and Meherpur on its new product Rapid. Rapid is a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) which breaks the alternate fruit-bearing nature in mango trees and increases the fruit-bearing capacity every year. It has »

ACI Bumper Tricho Powder: Trichoderma Trial Shows Best Performance in Field

ACI Fertilizer is going to launch ACI Bumper Tricho Powder in the market. Trichoderma sp. is used for different purposes in crop production. It is widely used as a bio-fertilizer almost for all crops like rice, maize, wheat, potato, groundnut, cotton, tobacco, Bengal gram, brinjal, sugarcane, red gram, banana, tomato, »

ACI Seed’s Bitter Gourd Field Day in Aug’21

In August 2021, ACI Seed conducted a field day on bitter gourd Papiya Super at Dumuria upazila of Khulna district. In total 80 farmers were present in the field day where Deputy Director, DAE Khulna, Upazila Agriculture Officer, Dumuria, Upazila Chairman were also present as special guests. The participating farmers »

ACI Seed: Bitter Gourd Papiya Super Profitable at Shrimp Farms

Bitter gourd Papiya Super is highly profitable for farmers in southern Bangladesh. Farmers, specially focused on shrimp farming, have brought about dramatic changes in the society as well as to the institutions that govern the local and the regional economy. Farmers of Bagerhat district cultivated bitter gourd Papiya Super - »

Researchers Present Prospects for Genome Editing of Potato

Transgenic technology and gene silencing offer new solutions to time-consuming conventional breeding programs applied to important crops including potato. Researchers Sona Dev, Jini Joseph, and Ligi D' Rosario presented the prospects for genome editing of potato in an open-access peer-reviewed chapter in IntechOpen. According to the authors, genetically modified crops »

Upcycled Manure May Ignite New Sustainable Fertilizing Trend

Cow manure -- a longtime agricultural waste headache for dairy farmers -- soon may ignite a new sustainable fertilizing trend. Judiciously decomposing organic matter from 700 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,200 degrees F, without oxygen -- a process known as pyrolysis, very different from incineration -- and retaining nutrients from »

Research Finds that Plants Grow More to Deal with Heat

Increasing temperatures brought about by climate change negatively affect crop productivity. To deal with the heat, plants use hormones to grow larger, developing a bigger surface area they can use to cool down. However, it has been unclear which hormones do plants use in this mechanism, and scientists at VIB-UGent »

Using the ‘Smell of Fear’ to Deter Insects

For home gardeners and farmers, herbivorous insects present a major threat to their hard work and crop yields. The predator insects that feed on these bugs emit odors that pests can sense, which changes the pests' behavior and even their physiology to avoid being eaten. With bugs becoming more resistant »