Minimizing Poultry Productivity Loss from Bird Flu (H9N2 Vaccine)

Avian Influenza (AI) is one of the most devastating viral diseases in the poultry industry. In recent years widespread outbreaks of H9N2 infections in poultry have been reported throughout the world. In Bangladesh, LPAIVs of subtype H9N2 co-circulate simultaneously with highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses (HPAIVs) of subtype H5N1 in »

Tissue Culture of Virus Free Potato Plantlets

Tissue culture is applied in plant research for such purposes as the growing of new plants, which in some cases undergo genetic alterations. The plant of interest is taken through the tissue culture process and grown in a controlled environment. This process involves the use of small pieces of a »

Breeding values of studying Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Being ultramicroscopic obligatory parasites, viruses are quite difficult to study. In ancient time, plant viral diseases were identified based on only symptoms. Controlling viral diseases of plants has always been difficult as virus has no cellular components. Molecular biology has changed the world of virology, pathology etc. Since Watson and »

Direct Sourcing through “Krishoker Haat”

In May 2020, ACI Fertilizer initiated a new WhatsApp group named “Krishoker Haat”. The group is intended to be the connecting hub for different Marketing Officials with the farmers who have harvestable vegetables and fruits. Farmers can share pictures of their produced items directly from the field using the group. »

Digital Platforms to Continue Organic Fertilizer Promo

ACI Fertilizer is leveraging digital platforms during COVID-19 pandemic situation to virtually promote organic fertilizers. With the help of promotions in social media like Facebook, ACI's Bumper Joibo Sar experienced 248% growth in May 2020 alone compared to last year’s data by reaching 200k target audience. ACI Fertilizer will »

Hybrid Maize DEKALB BOSS: Promising Field Performance

Hybrid maize DEKALB BOSS, the highest ever yielded variety in Bangladesh in early to mid-segment maize market, is showing promising performance in the farmers’ field. DEKALB BOSS gives additional 4-5 maund yield per acre than any other variety of mid segment variety. It has around 672-756 grains per cob. As »

ACI Seed’s Okra Bullet gains Customer Confidence

ACI marketed Okra Bullet, a leading variety of the country which gives more than 1.5 to 2 MT yield than the competing varieties. The node to node distance is 2 – 3 cm, which brings additional 8-10 fruits per plant with 55-60 harvest per plant in its lifecycle. Its virus-free »

ACI Seed’s R&D developed Hybrid Bitter Gourd- Piya

ACI Seed developed Hybrid Bitter Gourd- Piya through its own Research and Development (R&D) initiative. In the bitter gourd segment, the variety is performing in an excellent way across the country. It gives around 1.5-2 Mt. extra yield than its competing varieties. Excellent greenish fruits have 250-300 »

ACI Seed launched Pumpkin - Mohona

In May 2020, ACI Seed launched hybrid pumpkin Mohona after its extensive Research and Development (R&D) activities to prepare the variety. The desirable traits such as better shape (flat round fruit with regular ridge), fruit weight, attractive dark green skin color, and an edge of 10-15 days in »

How Fishmeal and Oil Alternatives Can Support Aquaculture Growth

As the world increasingly turns to aqua farming to feed its growing population, there's no better time than now to design an aquaculture system that is sustainable and efficient. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara, the University of Tasmania and the International Atomic Agency examined the current practice of catching wild »

Turning Algae Leftovers into Renewable Products

The UC San Diego researchers who developed algae-based flip-flops and surfboards are at it again. This time they are advancing their brand of renewable and biodegradable materials for use in other products like coated fabrics, patent leather and adhesives, with some foodie flare, too -- flavors and fragrances. The latest »