AI Technology Adaptation for Efficient Aquaculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way to aquaculture. However, the technology is yet to reach maturity and massive adaptation especially in a country like ours. At first we need to assess the benefits associated with the technology. In terms of operations, fish feed is the single highest cost for »

Early Detection of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus by Hyperspectral Imaging

Tomato spotted wilt virus is a globally prevalent plant disease that threatens thousands of plants in a persistent and propagative way. Early disease identification is predicted to be capable of controlling disease transmission, facilitating management practice, and ensuring associated economic advantages. Hyperspectral imaging, a powerful remote sensing tool has been »

Role of Plant Mitochondria in Diversified Environmental Stress

Mitochondria are the power generators of cells that play a diversity of physiological and metabolic roles under conditions of abiotic or biotic stress. They are embedded in responses to an astonishing variety of stresses, from drought, salinity, light, toxins, herbivorous attacks, and pathogen attacks. However, involvement in such a wide »

42 Sonalika Tractor Agents’ Meeting Held in Aug’22

In August 2022, ACI Motors has organized 42 meetings around the country with the local agents and well-wishers of Sonalika Tractor. The agenda of the meetings was to inform the participants regarding the USP of Sonlika Tractor and make them aware of its performance. Moreover, participants get to know about »

Entrepreneurs Development Program of ACI Fertilizer

On 11 August 2022, ACI Fertilizer arranged an orientation program for the local entrepreneur at Shantiganj, Sunamganj. There were twenty-five small entrepreneurs present in the program. Business Director Mr. Bashir Ahmed; Product Manager Mr. Harun Or Rashid; Sr. Production Manager Mr. Abu Sayed and other officials of ACI Fertilizer conducted »

Annual Sales Conference organized by ACI Fertilizer

Annual Sales Conference of ACI Fertilizer was held on 22 August 2022 at Hotel Cox Today, Cox’s Bazar. The field force, supporting department, and head office officials attended this event along with 170 participants. The Chief guest, Dr. F H Ansarey, President - ACI Agribusiness along with Mr. Md. »

Launched Promising Chili Variety – “HP5424” & “HP5736”

ACI Seed launched a very promising variety of Chili under the brand name “HP5424” and “HP5736”. The origin of these varieties is from NONGWOO BIO, a renowned company in South Korea. The color of HP5424 is shiny dark green with smooth skin, the length of the fruits is 10-12 cm, »

Multigene bioengineering increases yields in food crops

For the first time, RIPE researchers have proven that multigene bioengineering of photosynthesis increases the yield of a major food crop in field trials. After more than a decade of working toward this goal, a collaborative team led by the University of Illinois has transgenically altered soybean plants to increase »

Plasma-Produced Gas Helps Protect Plants from Pathogens

The flash of lightning and the dance of auroras contain a fourth state of matter known as plasma, which researchers have harnessed to produce a gas that may activate plant immunity against wide-spread diseases. The team, based at Tohoku University in Japan, published their findings recently in PLOS One. " »