Scope of Industrial Potato Seed Variety

Currently Bangladesh is producing more than 10 million tons of potato of which most are table potato. In recent times, there has been an increased demand of potato based ready-to-eat snacks due to change in food habit and rapid growth in urban population. Industrial potato varieties are the type of »

Enabling Technologies for Personalized and Precision Medicine

Engineering approaches to precision medicine will harness population-wide data to identify individualized treatment strategies. Personalized medicine harnesses a subject’s own data to individualize their own care, from diagnosis through treatment selection and monitoring. Novel clinical trial designs will play a vital role in assessing the efficacy and safety of »

Research Updates from ASRBC

ACI Agribusiness has started biotechnological studies under the Advance Seed Research and Biotech Centre (ASRBC) through Public-Private Partnership which is also encouraged by the Government of Bangladesh. At this moment via Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) collaborative research programs have been implemented with Dhaka University, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Hajee Mohammad Danesh »

ACI Agribusiness completes Multi-round Training for Stakeholders

Following a highly positive reception of Rupali application, the digital strategy team of ACI Agribusiness completed multifarious rounds of training involving various stakeholders of the aquaculture community. The objectives of these training sessions were three-fold: increasing awareness of Rupali, bolstering affinity for knowledge-based aquaculture and enhancing quality usage. From the »

Intro Workshops on Rupali in January 2020

The digital strategy team of ACI Agribusiness conducted introductory workshops on Rupali application in Jashore, Gopalganj, Khulna, Bagherhat, Sathkhira and Dhaka with the objective to enhance awareness and usage centering Rupali. Since its launch in June 2019, Rupali has received a tremendous response as it already garnered 32k downloads and »

Roundtable: “Need of Advisory Services of the Poultry Farming Community”

ACI Agribusiness, the leading aggregator of agri-inputs in Bangladesh, hosted a roundtable discussion with poultry community stakeholders at its headquarters in Dhaka on 19 December 2019. Dr N C Banik, Senior Poultry Consultant, DLS(ex), Dr Syed Ali Ahasan, AD & National Consultant, QC Lab, DLS, Kbd. Md Shafiul Azam, »

Power of NEB in Potato: A Case Study

Md. Abu Taleb, Haridanga, Rajarhat, Kurigram is a contract farmer of BADC for potato seed production. This year, he was using NEB in his 33 decimal land for demonstration. Here he used 50% urea+NEB and getting an excellent result. He is expecting a higher yield as well as cost »

Inaugural Meeting for BRRI dhan74 and RABI dhan-1 Promo

ACI Seed collaborated with ACDIVOCA for the promotion of two new high yielding rice variety BRRI dhan74 and RABI dhan-1. The inaugural meeting was held at ACI center with 47 participants. Dr. M.A Salam, Chief Rice Breeding Consultant, ASRBC, highlighted the importance of the project and collaboration between ACDIVOCA »

Inbreed Rice Seed Production Tech Training

ACI Seed conducted a day-long training on the production technology of inbreed rice seed. Around 20 staffs of inbreed rice seed production team received the training at ACI center on 28 January 2020. The main faculty of the training was Dr. M A Salam, Chief Rice Breeding Consultant, ASRBC. ACI »

Seed Potato Production Field Visit & Workshop

In January 2020, ACI Seed conducted a day-long seed potato production field visit and workshop. Among the 77 participants of the program, 29 were Seed Potato Dealers and 27 were large farmers. Business Director ACI Seed, General Manager-Marketing & Sales, ACI Seed, Sales Manager, ACI Seed, Portfolio Manager-field crops were »

Month-long Seed Road Show in Southern Bangladesh

ACI Seed started a month-long roadshow event to promote quality seeds in association with RDC project of ACDIVOCA from 7 January 2020. The roadshow for southern region of Bangladesh was inaugurated at Khamarbari Barishal where the chief guest was Additional Director, DAE, Barishal. Other guests included Deputy Director, DAE, Barishal, »