Smart Assist Remote: Revolutionizing Harvesting, Promoting Entrepreneurship

Yanmar Combine Harvesters, introduced by ACI Motors in Bangladesh, has pioneered the Smart Assist Remote (SA-R) technology in the country. SA-R is revolutionizing the way farmers and operators manage harvesting operations. This technology offers numerous intelligent features, such as remote access to machines, comprehensive after-sales service, and efficient monitoring and »

Sustainable agricultural farming with the use of microalgae

Microalgae have gained significant attention in recent years for their potential to revolutionize various industries, including agriculture. These microscopic photosynthetic organisms offer a range of benefits that can enhance agricultural production and sustainability. Here are some ways in which microalgae can be beneficial for agricultural production: Biological Nutrient Cycling: Microalgae »

SNP calling for beginners using high-throughput DNA-sequencing data

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) calling pipelines are a series of bioinformatics tools and processes used to identify and characterize genetic variations, specifically single nucleotide differences, within a population of organisms. These pipelines are commonly employed in genomics research and applications such as studying genetic diversity, identifying disease-associated variants, and understanding »

ACI Motors’ Tractor Customer Engagement in August’23

ACI Motors organized a number of Sonalika Tractor customer events across the nation in August 2023. It set up tractor demonstration programs in 13 locations across the nation, many of which stand to gain greatly from farm mechanization. In addition, customers were invited to 25 network partner meetings and service »

ACI Fertilizer introduced ‘Humistar WG’

ACI Fertilizer has introduced a Humic acid-based fertilizer “Humistar WG” to the farmers of Bangladesh. Humistar WG contains 65% Humic acid, 12% Fulvic Acid and 17% Potassium. It is water soluble and available in a granular format. Farmers are getting excellent results after using this product in their crop field. »

‘Moon Drop’ & ‘ACI Jhal Rani’: New Green Light Chili Varieties

‘Moon Drop’ & ‘ACI Jhal Rani’ are two new chili varieties launched by ACI Seeds in the light green segment. The demand for the light Green segment is increasing day by day. Besides, the need for new varieties with updated traits in this segment is also emerging. Considering the market »

‘Green Globe’ – ACI Seed’s R&D launched New Brinjal Variety

ACI Seed launched a hybrid brinjal variety under the brand name 'Green Globe'. It is developed under ACI's own R&D. Brinjal is a year-round crop and the demand for brinjal seed is also high. Considering the potentiality, ACI Seed’s R&D developed Green Globe with distinctive »

ACI Seed launched Promising Cabbage Variety 'ACI Busan '

ACI Seed launched a hybrid cabbage variety under the brand name “ACI Busan” with high aspiration. The origin of this is Asia Seed, a renowned company in South Korea. The market for cabbage is increasing significantly. The Business has a special consideration on the variety. The sowing period of ACI »

Researchers Find a Gene That Could Help Cotton Combat Bacterial Blight

Researchers from the International Rice Research Institute and Oklahoma State University reported a gene (B5) that could provide cotton plants with broad-spectrum resistance to bacterial blight. Their findings are published in Phytopathology. Bacterial blight is a destructive disease that impacts cotton plants. A few effective ways to combat bacterial blight »

New Technique to Pinpoint Off-Target Effects in Gene Editing

Researchers from the University of Freiburg, Germany, and partners developed a method called T-CAST to identify and mitigate off-target effects of TALENs. The details of the technique is published in Frontiers in Genome Editing. T-CAST is based on a technique called CAST-Seq, which can be used to sequence all of »

Solar Powered Irrigation: A Game Changer for Small Holder Farmers

In sub-Saharan Africa, 80% of agricultural production is from smallholder farmers, who face constraints on increasing farm productivity resulting in a large yield gap. Extensive rain-fed agriculture (90% of all cropland) under unpredictable and erratic rainfall pattern is a leading cause of the low productivity and food insecurity in Africa, »