Innovative Management Practice for Further Growth in Aquaculture

Maintaining appropriate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in aquaculture ponds is critical for adequate fish production. Fish farmers must concentrate on maintaining required amounts of dissolved oxygen in the pond which is between 5 and 10 ppm. Fish production in pond aquaculture has been increased more than 10 times during the »

Plant Innate Immunity: Self Defense Mechanism against pathogen

To protect against pathogens plants have an innate immune system. One of the defense mechanisms, Pattern Triggered Immunity (PTI), prevents non-adapted microbes from infecting plants. The surface pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) firstly recognize pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs). PAMP recognition stimulates ion transportation through plasma membrane and enhances activation of »

Seed Vigour Testing

Seed vigour, a single concept reflecting several characters, determines the seed quality and uniform emergence potential of plants in the field under variable range of environments. Seed vigour does not reflect a specific property of a seed or seed lot but is still a concept. Several factors like genetic constitution, »

Launching Ceremony of Sonalika Service Campaign

In September and October 2021, ACI Motors is organizing “Sonalika Day” in 117 places across the county. Each program includes free-servicing, agri-machinery product display, on-spot booking facility, spare parts sale on discount, free health check-up and games show. Also, there are lucrative discounts on Sonalika tractors for exchange with used »

‘Rapid’ Knowledge Sharing Program at Rajshahi

On 9 September 2021, ACI Fertilizer arranged a Knowledge Sharing Program for its Sales Team on its new foliar product ‘Rapid’ at Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj. Rapid is very effective for Mango and Guava plants. Usually, a Mango tree gives fruits in alternate years, but after using Rapid it will give »

ACI Fertilizer: Regional Dealer Conference held at Rangpur

ACI Fertilizer organized the Regional Dealer Conference of Rangpur Region on 15 September 2021 at BRAC Learning Centre, Rangpur. This event is arranged to motivate the dealers of Rangpur and Dinajpur areas. About 80 dealers attended the conference to share their opinion and feedback with ACI Fertilizer team. They also »

ACI Seed: Off-Season Watermelon Cultivation getting Popular at Shrimp Gher

Watermelon is becoming popular for southern farmers especially in shrimp Gher areas of Bangladesh. Farmers who are engaged in Gher farming have brought about dramatic change in the society as well as to the institutions that govern the local and the regional economy. In addition to the common fish farming, »

Cucumber Messi: Best Hope for Winter Cucumber Farmers

ACI Seed launched a new variety of Cucumber ‘Messi’ which is highly suitable for the winter season (September to February). The flowering habit of the variety is pre-dominating female with excellent uniformity and attractive deep green fruit. Messi is highly uniform than competitor variety which ensures higher marketable yield as »

No-Till Production Farmers Can Cut Herbicide Use, Control Weeds, Protect Profits

Farmers using no-till production -- in which soil never or rarely is plowed or disturbed -- can reduce herbicide use and still maintain crop yields by implementing integrated weed-management methods, according to a new study conducted by Penn State researchers. While no-till agriculture can conserve soil and energy, it relies »

Scientists Debut Coffee Developed Through Cellular Agriculture

A team of Finnish scientists was able to produce coffee cells in a bioreactor through cellular agriculture. The end-product is said to smell and taste like conventional coffee. The discovery is proof that cellular agriculture is one option to achieve sustainable food production. The scientists took to cellular agriculture as »