Following a highly positive reception of Rupali application, the digital strategy team of ACI Agribusiness completed multifarious rounds of training involving various stakeholders of the aquaculture community. The objectives of these training sessions were three-fold: increasing awareness of Rupali, bolstering affinity for knowledge-based aquaculture and enhancing quality usage.

From the south-west districts of Jashore, Gopalganj, Khulna, Bagherhat and Sathkhira, 7500 farmers were selected and 500 groups were formed, with each group having 15 farmers. Of these 7500 farmers, 500 are lead farmers. These lead farmers are tech-savvy, highly progressive, and they carry a Smartphone. At first 500 lead farmers were trained in a classroom setting of 25 people. Training imparted focus on the usage and navigation of Rupali application along with aquaculture practices. Md Shafiqur Rahman, User Engagement Manager, ACI Agribusiness conducted these training sessions. Afterwards 10 field executives of the digital strategy team trained the 7000 other non-lead farmers focusing on similar training themes. Following similar themes, the team conducted training of 100 aqua-input retailers and 50 LEAFs from the aforementioned south-west districts.Also a total of 100 ACI Animal Health field executives were trained regarding the usage of Rupali app in the districts of Dhaka, Barishal and Jashore. The training sessions were conducted by Mr Shafiqur Rahman, User Engagement Manager, ACI Agribusiness. Notable participants at the Dhaka session included Mr Md Shaheen Shah, Business Director, ACI Animal Health, Mr Md Amzad Hossain, Business Manager, ACI Animal Health and Mr Md Shamim Murad, General Manager, Digital Strategy, ACI Agribusiness.

Photos: ACI Animal Health Officials, aquaculture LSPs, aquaculture farmers and LEAF agents attending training sessions on Rupali app usage in Jashore, Gopalganj, Khulna, Bagherhat, Sathkhira, and Dhaka.