Bangladesh’s First Heat Stress Reliever for Cattle. Heat stress is a very common phenomenon in dairy cattle especially in high yielding breed and cross-breed animals in Bangladesh. High yielding cross-breed animals suffer from heat stress as they do not match with the temperature in summer season. Besides, our housing management is not that efficient to maintain a suitable temperature for the animals in dairy farms. As a result, productivity is not achieved to the optimum level and it demotivates farmers for rearing high yielding cross-breed cattle. To check heat stress in dairy animals no specific products are available in Bangladesh for large animals. ACI Animal Health introduces ‘Enermax’ a specially designed product for cattle for the very first time in Bangladesh to alleviate heat stress and ensure maximum output for farmers of our country. ‘Enermax’ is a combination of Betaine Hydrochloride and Beta-D-Glucan with rumen protected palm fat powder. Betaine Hydrochloride maintains osmo regulation of cells, and thus maintains water balance and relieves stress effectively. Besides, Beta-D-Glucan ensures maximum immunity and prevents the risk of diseases associated with stresses. The protected palm fat is made of by-pass technology which ensures maximum absorption of the active ingredients and supplies instant energy to animals suffering from heat stress associated anorexia. This innovation from ACI can increase the production of meat and milk.This will also encourage farmers to rear cross-breed animals in tropical climate of our country. We wish this innovation of ACI Animal Health will play a vital role on the development of livestock sector in Bangladesh. Link of the video: Dr. F H Ansarey Managing Director & CEO ACI Agribusiness