On 7 June 2021, ACI Fertilizer arranged a Farmer’s Training Program at Hagurakuri, Modhupur, Tangail. About 50 commercial large farmers attended the program. The farmers of Hagurakuri area usually cultivate Banana, Pineapple, Turmeric, Ginger, Arum etc. and they are using chemical fertilizer in their fields for a long time. ACI Fertilizer arranged this training to share the product knowledge of Organic Fertilizer and Humistar to the marginal farmers. It will help to create awareness and increase the usage of the organic fertilizer for all crops in that area. Local Union Parisad Member Hazi Hyder Ali and local ACI Fertilizer Dealer (Jhorna Seed Store Enterprise) were present there. This training program was facilitated by Mr. Shah Mohammad Arefin, Product Manager and Mr. Firoz Hossain Sales Manager of ACI Fertilizer; Mr. Abu Bakar Md. Fohad, Area Manager and Mr. Moniruzzaman, Marketing Officer arranged this program.