On 18 May 2021, ACI Fertilizer participated in a crop cutting program at a trial plot using Bio Organic Fertilizer. The event was held at Dhonbari, Tangail. This Field Day was organized by Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Dhonbari, Tangail under NATP-2, PIU Project. Soil Science Department of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) is researching on Bio-Organic Fertilizer technology where Bacteria (Bacillus Sp.) is used with organic fertilizer for replacing inorganic phosphate. This Bacteria also helps to slow down the release of phosphate in the soil. Through this innovation, farmers can reduce the use of TSP fertilizer to a significant level in the crop fields. By using this technology, the yield of Boro Rice is found 8% - 9% higher than normal fertilizer application.
Mr. Abdur Razzak, farmer of this trial expressed his satisfaction with this eco-friendly technology. He said that though the expense is a little bit higher than the normal treatment, the yield is subsequently higher than the production cost. So, he can adjust his extra cost by the extra income from the additional yield. Everybody believed that this will be a groundbreaking innovation that will help to reduce the use and import of TSP fertilizer, save import expenses and also save nature from excessive use of chemical fertilizer.
ACI Fertilizer is the Market linkage partner of NATP-2, PIU Project and working for commercialization of this technology in the market. It is closely working with BRRI to find out an effective and more economical dose of this technology for marginal farming. The project is also arranging trials of this technology on Vegetables, Horticulture and Orchard farms.
ACI Fertilizer’s Business Director Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Product Manager Mr. Shah Mohammad Arefin, Sr. Product Development Officer Mr. Md. Jahidul Islam, Upazila Agriculture Officer Mr. Mahububur Rahman, Upazila Extension Officer, Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer and local farmers attended the event.