On 8 November 2021, ACI Fertilizer and Bayer Crop Science Ltd. conducted a collaboration meeting for Better Life Farming Centre (BLFC) in Bangladesh. The meeting objective was to create a sound relationship between Bayer Field force and ACI Field Force so that both can work jointly for farmers. The mission of BLFC is sustainable agriculture for smallholder farmers.
Both ACI Fertilizer and Bayer Crops Science are working to supply quality fertilizer to the smallholder farmers through this project. Business Director- Kbd. Basir Ahmed, National Sales Manager- Kbd. Sadiqur Rahman, Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Product Manager, Area Manager and Marketing Officer attended this Zoom meeting from ACI Fertilizer. From Bayer CropScience Ltd. Country Lead BLFC – Kbd. Mahadi Hasan & Indian Guest Pulit Sharma attended the meeting.