ACI Fertilizer organized a ‘customer booking program’ with customers of Rangpur zone on 25 August 2019. The meeting was conducted in “Vinno Jogot Resort” Rangpur to create a platform for potential customers of Rangpur and ACI Fertilizer personnel. Business Director Bashir Ahmed, Asst. Marketing Manager Yusuf Alom, Asst. Product Manager Md. Asadur Rahman, along with respective field forces of Rangpur zone conducted the program. In total 62 customers were present at the program.

In this meeting, portfolio managers mainly discussed the application, potentiality, performance and scope of the major products, such as Organic, Rotno, Gypsar, Bio-Ferti, Neb & Vitamix. Additionally, upcoming product ‘Humistar’ was introduced to the customers. The speakers also discussed the content, application and key benefits of the products. The purpose of the meet up program was to ensure product sales targeting upcoming “Boro” season. The approximate value of this booking projection for future sales would be 30% growth of the total business. Moreover, 12 valued customers were awarded for their major contribution to both Regular and Bulk Businesses. Overall customers’ networking with Business Head and Portfolio managers was promising for future business. Pleasurably, the program went well and the invited customers participated in the program spontaneously.