ACI Fertilizer organized the Regional Dealer Conference of Rangpur Region on 15 September 2021 at BRAC Learning Centre, Rangpur. This event is arranged to motivate the dealers of Rangpur and Dinajpur areas. About 80 dealers attended the conference to share their opinion and feedback with ACI Fertilizer team. They also shared their satisfaction to do business with ACI.
Kbd. Bashir Ahmed, Business Director of ACI Fertilizer discussed ACI Fertilizer’s product quality, new products in the pipeline, business dimension, retention and future plan during this event.
Business Director Kbd. Bashir Ahmed, NSM Kbd. Sadequr Rahman Sadiq, Asst. Sales Manager Mr. Zillur Rahman, Product Manager Kbd. Harun or Rashid, Mr. Shah Mohammad Arefin and Asst. Product Manager Mr. Rasel Mahmud had attended the conference.
ACI Fertilizer rewarded the Champion and Runners Up dealers for their Sales during 2020-21 in the region.