ACI Fertilizer organized a conference with the customers of South Zone on 13 November 2019 at CSS Ava Centre, Khulna. The aim of the conference was to motivate potential customers and ensure yearly product booking of South region. Business Director Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Product Manager Mr. Harun or Roshid, Asst. Product Manager Md. Asadur Rahman, Assistant Sales Manager of South Mr. Zillur Rahman Khan along with respective Field Force of South Zone along with 65 customers were present at the program. Valued customers were awarded for their major contribution to both Organic and ‘Ratno’ Fertilizer sales performance during the last year.

In this meeting, portfolio management has mainly discussed the application, potentiality, performance and scope of the major products, such as Organic, Ratno, Gypsar, Bioferti, NEB & Vitamix. Additionally, ‘Humistar WG’ was launched to this region. Discussion on this newly launched product also took place highlighting its content, application and key benefits. Humistar WG is a natural humic soil conditioner based on humic and fulvic acids and it is soluble in water. The key advantage of Humistar WG is that it helps to intensify the uptake ability of blocked nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper and zinc of the soil. Thus, Soil microbial activity accelerates and efficiency of chemical fertilizer increases applying Humistar WG to the soil.