ACI Motors, as a distributor of India-based multinational International Tractors, introduced two models of Sonalika tractors on 8 July 2019. The newly launched tractors have 48 horsepower and 75 horsepower engine capacities priced at Tk 10.60 lakh and 13.50 lakh respectively.

At the launching in the capital’s ACI Centre, Dr. F H Ansarey, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ACI Motors, said the farm mechanization units feature fuel-efficient engines and high speed, torque gearboxes. Other aspects include spacious driving platforms, digital instrument clusters and aerodynamic designs, “All of which represents the latest technologies”, he said.

Deepak Mittal, Managing Director of International Tractors, said these new tractors would aid Bangladesh’s agriculture and economic development.

Subrata Ranjan Das, Executive Director of ACI Motors, said Sonalika, which they launched in 2007, has been the highest-selling tractor brand in Bangladesh for the last five years, with the annual sales volume reaching 3,000 units. Rahul Mittal, Director of International Tractors, and Gaurav Saxena, President and Chief Executive Officer, were also present