In October 2023, ACI Motors, the leading agricultural machinery provider in the country, organized a series of exciting events to celebrate their achievements and strengthen their bond with customers. The month was filled with remarkable milestones and initiatives that showcased ACI Motors' commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to the farming community.

To mark the momentous occasion of reaching 25,000 satisfied customers, ACI Motors launched a Special Edition of the Sonalika Tractor. This model features exclusive enhancements and advanced features, designed to further enhance the productivity and efficiency of farmers across the nation.

In line with their dedication to customer satisfaction, ACI Motors organized the Sonalika Grand Delivery Festival 2023. This festival served as a platform to deliver 100 units of Sonalika Tractors to delighted customers. The festival was a grand celebration, filled with joy and excitement as customers received their new tractors, symbolizing the growth and prosperity of the agricultural sector.

Expanding their reach and accessibility, ACI Motors inaugurated a new Sonalika Dealer Point in Syedpur, Nilphamari. This strategic location will serve as a hub for farmers in the region, providing them with easy access to Sonalika Tractors and comprehensive after-sales services. The inauguration ceremony was attended by ACI Motors' officials, dealers, and enthusiastic customers, who expressed their appreciation for the increased convenience and support.

Furthermore, ACI Motors organized a highly successful Sonalika Tractor Service Campaign, aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and addressing their needs. This campaign provided an opportunity for customers to share their valuable feedback and opinions, enabling ACI Motors to further improve their service quality.

ACI Motors continues to set new benchmarks in the agricultural machinery industry, consistently delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences. With their unwavering commitment to the farming community, ACI Motors remains a trusted partner in driving agricultural growth and prosperity across the nation.