ACI Seed started production and extension of saline tolerant potato variety BARI Alu72 and BARI Alu78 to the southern delta of Bangladesh. Potato farmers in the saline-prone areas mostly suffered for unavailability of saline tolerant variety. The newly developed variety will meet the demand of the farmers and ensure a good return. ACI Seed made a partnership with International Potato Center (CIP) to produce quality seed as per CIP requirement and to promote the product at farmers’ doorsteps in southern part of Bangladesh. Introduction and production of newly developed high-quality seed of salt tolerant potato varieties will result in increased production, income as well as greater food and nutrition security in the southern delta of Bangladesh. The main intermediate users will be the national programs and farmers of other districts in southern deltas of Bangladesh. They will have access to climate-smart salt tolerant potato varieties and production technologies, as well as high-quality potato seed.