In June 2020, ACI Seed launched a new rice seed brand called ‘Mini Shail’ for the current Aman Season. It is a 130-days variety with a yield potentiality of 6-7MT/ha. ‘Mini Shail’ is developed by ACI in association with International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Rajshahi University. It is one of the first-ever varieties released by the private sector in Bangladesh. BLB resistant long fine grain Mini Shail will bring sustainable changes in rice farmer’s profitability.
ACI Seed conducted massive promotional activities to promote the newly developed HYV Rice variety Mini Shail across the country. As part of the promotion, ACI Seed used different tools such as Leaflet, Poster, Festoon, video broadcasting etc. Along with direct marketing, it is promoting the newly launched brand through facebook and other digital media.