In April 2018, ACI Seed arranged two highly intensive training (HIT) program for the field force to orient them with overall portfolio management of the business. The training included topics such as market and customer goals (strategic focus), opportunities and priorities (market momentum), build and deliver (customer success), market and sell (credibility), present and demo (product performance evaluation) etc. The training was conducted in two locations on different days: on 9 April 2018 at BRAC Learning Centre, Bogra for South & North Region Field Force and on 15 April 2018 at BRAC Learning Centre, Sreemangal for Dhaka & East Region Field Force. Lectures, brainstorming and post-training evaluation conducted by portfolio team, and finally motivation and awareness training conducted by training division were main parts of the daylong training programs. Product Manager (Vegetables) Mr. Abdullah Al Masud delivered a presentation on product features, benefit and territory wise opportunity of Kharif and Rabi Vegetables Seed. Portfolio Manager (Field Crop) Mr. Golam Mostafa presented Potato and Maize Seed features and benefit as well as territory wise opportunity for these products. Besides, Product Executive (Field Crop) Mr. Ashraf Hasan have talked about Crops Seed and Rice Seed features as well as benefits. Sales Manager Mr. A K M Shahinur Rahman discussed the training topic in depth. Head of Business of ACI Seed Mr. Sudhir Chandra Nath attended the program at Sreemangal and shared his experiences in the seed industry to encourage the participants.

ACI Fertilizer’s Meet the Farmers Program

ACI Fertilizer organized day long “Meet the Farmers Program” in Naogaon and Natore on 22 and 23 April 2018 respectively. The main objective of the program was to get connected with farmers strongly, and talk about their expectations and perception about ACI Fertilizer. Business Director Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Regional Sales Manager Mr. Rejaul Islam, respective Field Officer and SAO attended the program. In Naogaon, there were 200 farmers who participated in the program. ACI Fertilizer personnel talked about various topics for instance: usage of fertilizer in soil fertility, proper application of fertilizer to maximize yield, key ingredients for plant growth, etc. The importance and application of NEB, Organic Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Promoter and Bioferti on eggplant, water caltrop, and chili were also discussed in the session. The farmers spontaneously discussed their problems, opportunities in cultivation system, positive result of using ACI products, etc. In Natore, 45 guava harvesters directly participated in Meet the Farmers Program. The feedback from invited farmers was very positive as well as fruitful.

Moreover, another training program on Burmese grape’s (lotkon) niche market was also conducted in Narsingdi on 21 April 2018. Burmese grape is mostly harvested in Shibpur and Belabo Upazilla of Narsingdi. Mr. Yusuf Alam, Asst. Marketing Manager; Mr. Alauddin, Area Manager and Territory Officer were present in this training program. They talked about the importance and proper application of Bioferti, Solubor Boron, Quick Potash and Vitamix for harvesting Burmese grape in perfect shape, size, color, and taste.

Fertilizer Field Force Refreshers Training

ACI Fertilizer Field Force Refresher Training Programs were organized on 7-8 April in Bogra and 12-13 April in Jashore. The main part of the program was a basic training session for field force to create vibrant drive among them for an effective impact on field sells. The training program was conducted by Training Department personnel where Business Director Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Asst. Marketing Manager Mr. Yusuf Alam, Asst. Product Manager Mr. Asadur Rahman, respective Zonal Sales Managers, Area Managers and Territory Officers also shared their thoughts and ideas on specific product knowledge, new product expansion, and new market development. Moreover, discussion on selling skill, promotional techniques, communication approach, and strong engagement with DAE also took place. The training program really inspired the sales force in their area of work and created a positive vibe. Field force members also acknowledged the need for this kind of regular training session to boost up their skills and confidence.  

Field Days on Ratno & NEB

In April 2018, Field Day programs on Ratno in Hobigonj, Kushtia, Khulna, Faridpur and Rajbari were arranged by ACI Fertilizer. The aim of these Field Days was to show the practical result of applying Ratno NPKS Fertilizer in Rice and Onion. The result was fruitfully positive because the expected yield was achieved from the demonstration plot. There was a Field Day on Ratno Fertilizer targeting Rice at Madhobpur, Habiganj dated on 29 April 2018 in the presence of Agriculture Officer, local Chairman, Stockiest, Retailers and Model Farmers. The yield variation was 27% over control plot.

Moreover, ACI Fertilizer conducted Field Day on NEB targeting maize at Kshobpur, Jashore and Kushtia. After using NEB in maize, the costing of Urea got decreased. Now it is being applied once after mixing with NEB, whereas they had to apply urea twice before. Again, after applying NEB, maize plant got stronger, the number of maize grain increased and the plants became greener.

Pohela Boishakh Celebration by ACI Motors

With the participation of more than 4,000 people, ACI Motors celebrated the Bengali New Year 1425, also known as the festival of Pohela Boisakh (Bengali: পহেলা বৈশাখ). These celebration events took place in 26 zones country-wide. Friendly stakeholder gatherings were the main attractions of the celebration. Games, gifts, refreshments and lively discussions were part of the event along with product display. Participants made spot queries about different products and services of ACI Motors. Subsequently, 93 spot booking for Tractors were made by customers during the celebration.

Power Tiller Mega Service Campaign 2018

In April 2018, ACI Motors arranged Power Tiller Mega Service Campaign 2018 at 8 different locations of the country. From 10 to 20 April 2018, the Mega Service Campaign serviced 250 Power Tillers at different locations of Mymensingh, Rangpur, Naogaon, Chuadanga, Jashore, and Cox’s Bazar. Around 600 people participated in these Service Campaign programs. The key highlights of the event are Customer, farmer and local mechanics gathering, pre-seasonal Power Tiller servicing, and Open discussion, games, gift distribution etc. The Power Tiller Mega Service Campaign 2018 is the only initiative in Bangladesh’s Power Tiller industry to provide extensive after sales service ensuring customer satisfaction around the country.

Aurora Shrimp from ACI Agrolink

ACI Agrolink is going to introduce Aurora Shrimp to ensure the highest quality through timely processing with the help of its state-of-the-art technology. The shrimp processing plant for Aurora is at the heart of the shrimp farming hub of the country allowing Aurora to process shrimp within an hour of harvest; ensuring the best quality black tiger shrimp in the world. With professional industry expertise, international quality control facilities and best hands-on shrimp processing, Aurora is setting a benchmark in terms of quality and food safety. The state of the art factory is designed to deliver the highest level of quality standard and meet the specific needs of the customers. The factory is a 43,000 sqft building with the production capacity of 35 ton per day. ACI Agrolink is committed to premium quality, unwavering commitment, and continuous innovation.