In April 2021, ACI Seed organized a day-long field at its rice research facility in Mawna, Gazipur. Dr Md Shahjahan Kabir, Director General - Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Mr. A.K.M. Monirul Alam, Director - Field Service Wing, Department of Agriculture Extension, Mr. Bashir Ahmed, Additional Director, Dhaka Zone - DAE were present at the field day. Dr Md Shahjahan Kabir appreciated the research activities of ACI seed and wished for better research output in near future.
ACI Seed started its research activities in 2008. It has own rice research facility with 33 acres of land at Mawna, Gazipur. Besides, 12.97 acres of land is available at Bogura for vegetable and maize research. ACI has started R&D on molecular breeding under the Advance Seed Research and Biotech Centre (ASRBC) through Public-Private Partnership which is also encouraged by the Government of Bangladesh. ASRBC was established in 2012 primarily to contribute to the nutritional food security of Bangladesh through its own R&D activities as well as by Public-Private Partnership.
Along with multiple varieties of vegetable seed development, ACI seed already developed two new HYV rice varieties named Rabi dhan1 (Mini Shail), BAU dhan3 and one Hybrid rice variety. With the aim of getting new varieties through its own research and development of HYV rice, ACI Seed will give rice with 10 MT yield/hectare and 15 MT yield/hectare for hybrid rice by 2025. A pool of scientists is also working for the variety development of Chinigura, Katarivog rice, and other aromatic rice as a part of the premium segment.

Fig: Dr Md Shahjahan Kabir, Director General Bangladesh Rice Research Institute visiting ACI Rice Seed Research Field