ACI Seed signed two new agreements with Rice and Diversified Crops Activity (RDC) project of ACDI/VOCA, a leading market systems practitioner based in Washington D.C., USA. The agreements are aimed at product promotion and market development of field crop seeds in selected areas. From a broader perspective, the aims of the agreements are to produce quality seed of zinc enriched rice variety BRRI dhan74, yield advantaged & newly developed rice variety RABI dhan1 and promote the seeds among farmers assuring mass acceptance.

Under the agreements, other crops to be focused are sunflower seeds, hybrid maize and hybrid rice. Seeds promotion and expansion activities in association with RDC project team will take place shortly. Through both of the agreements, ACI Seed is aiming to reach around 30000 farmers to disseminate information about quality seeds of ACI at FtF zone in Bangladesh.