ACI Agribusiness, the leading aggregator of agri inputs in Bangladesh participated in the National Vegetables Fair, held at Krishibid Institute in the capital’s Khamarbari area from 24- 26 January 2019. There was much hype centering the fair and it lived up to expectations as various agribusinesses showcased their products in superbly ornamental ways. ACI Agribusiness’s SBUs went all guns blazing as they collectively covered the entire agricultural value chain starting from research of high-quality inputs, the inputs themselves, transportation of inputs to the fresh produce produced with the help of inputs and most importantly, the Fosholi application- a one of a kind application aiming to present farmers with high-quality farming information. ACI’s multifarious wings- Research & Development, Seed, Fertilizer, Motors, Crop Care, Shwapno & IDSS participated at the fair. People from all walks of life visited the fair and they were particularly impressed by the various capabilities displayed by ACI. ACI’s stall- the biggest of the lot- was located at the center of the fair and consequently fared better than others in terms of drawing crowds. Honorable Agriculture Minister, Dr Md Abdur Razzak, inaugurated the fair as chief guest. Honorable Commerce Minister Mr Tipu Munshi and renowned agriculturist Mr Abdul Mannan, MP were also present as special guests. IDSS, ACI’s digital wing, was the center of attention in the fair. It stood out because of its unique offering like high-quality farming information driven by a very sophisticated application (Fosholi) and website. IDSS displayed the various services one can avail from the application. These services include: • Pre-Cultivation • Cultivation • Post Cultivation • Weather Forecast • My Crop • Knowledge bank • Farmer’s Toolbox • Reach to extension Visitors were highly impressed as they saw IDSS staff demonstrating usage of various features. In fact, many were so interested that they downloaded the Fosholi application on the spot and encouraged other visitors to do the same. There were 95 downloads over the course of 3 days. ‘ The fair concluded with an award ceremony where ACI Seed came out on top in the private sector category. Honorable State Minister Mr. Md. Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru, MP, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock handed over the award to Shudhir Chandra Nath, Business Director, ACI Seed. It was a three-day event bundled with a lot of joy, a huge turnout and lots of fanfare. There was knowledge sharing, treats and music festivities. ACI Agribusiness undoubtedly left a positive lasting impression like it always does.
In Pictures: Guests thronging ACI's stall