ACI Seed orchestrated a comprehensive campaign titled "ACI Seed Amon Utsab 2023" for the prominent hybrid rice variety "Dhani Gold" during this year's Amon Season. To entice farmers, a coupon was offered for a minimum purchase of 2 kg of Dhani Gold. Following the completion of sales at the farmers' level, ACI Seed collected coupons from across the country and organized a lottery program. The first prize was a Yamaha Motorcycle, and the second prize was a Power Tiller.

In December 2023, ACI Seed conducted the gift handover ceremonies for the winning farmers in Jamalpur and Rangpur. The Mymensingh Area team organized the event on 13 December 2023, at Islampur, Jamalpur. Mr. Rafiqul Islam Raja, a farmer from Islampur, Jamalpur, won a brand-new Motorcycle in the lottery by purchasing only 4 kg of "Dhani Gold" rice seed at ACI Seed Amon Utsab 2023. The gift handover ceremony was presided over by Mr. Alok Chandra Sil, Area Sales Manager, ACI Seed, with Mr. Monosiz Kumar Mondal, Sales Manager, ACI Seed, in attendance as the chief guest. The event was graced by the presence of the UP Chairman, members, journalists, retailers, dealers, and farmers.

Additionally, the Rangpur Area team organized another gift handover ceremony at Badarganj, Rangpur. Mr. Rafiqul Kabir, Area Sales Manager, ACI Seed, was present as the chief guest, and UP Chairman Noor Alam Bhuttu presented the Power Tiller to farmer Mr. Jobaidul Haque, the lottery winner of the Aman Utsab 2023. The program saw the participation of journalists, retailers, dealers, and farmers.