ACI Seed brings a complete range of solutions for pumpkin segment considering different market requirements and consumers’ preferences. ACI Seed has varieties with fruit weights of 2-2.5 kg suitable for small families having 3-4 members. It has also introduced another segment with 3-5 kg fruit weight suitable for medium to large families to meet their daily need for vegetables. ACI Seed also has 5 to 8 kg fruit weight range variety which is very suitable for restaurants and industrial usages.
Pumpkin is a year round crop in Bangladesh. During 2018-19, the total cultivation area of Pumpkin was 71,000 acres while total production was 320,000 MT. Around 6.6% of the area where vegetables are cultivated is covered by pumpkin around the year.
ACI Seed is now promoting six types of hybrid pumpkin variety having an average yield range of 14 - 25 Mt/ Acre. Leaflets, posters, festoons, field demonstrations, and field days are now the key modes of creating awareness about the performance of ACI pumpkin varieties. Farmers are getting more profit using ACI pumpkin seeds as these varieties have a yield advantage over others.