ACI Fertilizer participated in a Fruit Fair at Mithapukur Upazilla of Rangpur District from 14 to 17 August 2018. The fair was organized by Mithapukur Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE). There were a variety of fruit trees displayed at the fair. Area Manager, Marketing Officer and Field Supervisor of Mithapukur from ACI Fertilizer were present at the fair. A good number of local traders and farmers visited this four days long fair. ACI Fertilizer graced their stall with different kind of Fertilizer products. Organic and Ratno NKPS Fertilizers received special attention from the visitors. Besides, other liquid products, for instance, Bioferti, Solubor Boron, NEB, Promoter, etc. were also displayed in the stall. The respective personnel from ACI Fertilizer talked about the usefulness of using these fertilizers in cultivation.