Did you know that there are about 7500 varieties of apples all across the world? Here are some more amazing facts about the fruit:
• The largest apple ever grown was a Japanese Hokuto apple that reached just over 4 pounds. For reference, the average eating apple weighs about 1/3 of a pound. This record-breaking fruit was over 12 times that size!
• The healthy fruit of apple has a poisonous element inside. The seeds of an apple contain a fatal poison called ‘Cyanide’. A study reveals that you need to chew approx 200 seeds to affect you.
• Apples are from the rose family. They are related to almonds, peaches, and of course, roses.
• It takes around 10 years for an apple seed to grow into a fruit. Apple trees mature very slowly, but factors such as sunlight exposure and the type of fertilizer used can also impact the growth of these trees. A tree that receives plenty of sunshine, water, and good nutrition will grow at a faster rate than a deprived tree.
• There exists a phobia of eating apples which is known as Malusdomesticaphobia.
• Scientists that study and cultivate apples are called pomologists.