ACI Seed’s “Arize Dhani” is a profitable hybrid variety for Aman season. To make the farming community aware of this modern technology, ACI Seed started marketing the variety across the country using different media like poster, leaflet, dangler, festoon, wall banner, and loop videos.
Arize Dhani Gold is an Aman variety having medium slender grain with non-shattering characteristics. The life span of the variety is only 125-130 days which gives an additional advantage to the farmers for cultivating early Rabi crops. Seedlings can be transplanted in the main field at 12-15 days which helps to get additional yield. Dhani Gold can be cultivated after jute or Aush rice is harvested. It can also be cultivated after the flood water is released from the field. Dhani gold can give an additional 25% yield than any other HYV rice during Aman season.
During 2021 Aman season, ACI seed plan to conduct 48 activation events, 114 spot farmers meetings, and digital campaign through social media and Fashali app to explore its market.