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Scientists Develop Modified CRISPR-Cas9 System for Tetraploid Potato

Potato's tetraploid genome requires a more powerful genome editing system. Scientist Hiroaki Kusano of Tokyo University of Science and colleagues apply the translational enhancer dMac3 to the Cas9 expression vector to increase the amount of Cas9 proteins produced inside potato cells. dMac3 is a 161-bp region of the OsMac3 mRNA, »

Designing Corn Adaptable to Warmer World

An international research team has found they can increase corn productivity by targeting the enzyme in charge of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. "We developed a transgenic maize designed to produce more Rubisco, the main enzyme involved in photosynthesis, and the result is a plant with improved photosynthesis and hence, »

How Plants Signal Danger Long Distances

A video shows how seconds after a hungry caterpillar severs a leaf from the rest of the plant, a blaze of fluorescent light washes over the other leaves, signaling that they should prepare for future attacks by the caterpillar or its kin. The fluorescent light tracks calcium as it goes »

Cracking a Code that Could Help Nourish the World

Iron deficiency anemia affects 2 billion people around the world, particularly in low-income countries where grains are the staple. Efforts to discover exactly how plants regulate the amount of iron they take up through their roots are now being led by Massachusetts Amherst molecular biologist Elsbeth Walker. Walker explains that »

Wheat That Pumps Iron, Naturally

Is biofortification the best thing since sliced bread? Well, biofortified wheat could certainly make it easier to help some humans get proper nutrition. Biofortification is the process of naturally increasing the nutritional value of a crop. Unlike fortification, which might add a mineral like iron directly to something like bread »

ACI Fertilizer: Meet the Partners Program

A meeting with potential customers was organized by ACI Fertilizer Rajshahi team on 12 September 2018 in Rajshahi. Business Director Bashir Ahmed, Asst. Product Manager, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager (North) along with respective field force attended the program. The rationale of this meeting was to get connected strongly with »

Balanced Fertilization promo at Agri Fair in Sreemangal

ACI Fertilizer promoted balanced fertilization through its different products at an agriculture fair held at Sreemangal Upazila of Moulvibazar District on 16 September 2018. The fair was organized by Sreemongal’s Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE). Local M.P Allhaj Dr. Abdus Sahid inaugurated the fair. There was a variety »

ACI Fertilizer Star Customer Program at Mymensingh

ACI Fertilizer had arranged a star customer program at GTI Conference room of Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh on 18 September 2018. Top 30 bulk selling customers of Dhaka Zone were invited to this program. The aim of the event was to encourage the performance of ACI Fertilizer’s top bulk »

Smart Tech Solution: Controlled Release Fertilizer

A controlled release fertilizer (CRF), as the name suggests, is an improvised type of fertilizer which has a controlled release period. Mostly found in the granular form, CRF has a varied release period dependent on its release mechanism, longevity, controlling factors, and overall technology behind it. Interestingly, its longevity can »

Quick Soil Test Shows If Nitrogen Is Needed

The lack of a rapid, cost-effective test for soil nitrogen is clearly a problem. Soil scientists at The Ohio State University and Cornell University think they have found a solution. They have shown that a test originally developed for extracting a particular protein in soil is actually a good test »