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EcoDigester: Smart Waste Management Tech to Produce Bio-Fertilizer

Urban areas in Bangladesh generate 25,000 MT of solid waste per day on an average [Source: Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO)]. Moreover, the per capita waste generation rate is projected to increase to 0.69 kg in 2025 compared to 0.49 kg in 1995. On the other »

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) Genotyping in Plant Biotechnology

Mankind, in his quest to improve food quality, has been looking for various forms of crop. Plant breeders and farmers have created new varieties through traditional plant breeding in which the selection and evaluation of the new varieties can take several years to achieve. With the discovery of DNA, a »

Regulation of Potato Dormancy

The term "dormancy" is frequently used to describe a potato's storability. The dormancy value, often known as the length of dormancy, indicates how long the potato will be stored before sprouting. The growing season or pre-harvest conditions can affect dormancy length along with post-harvest conditions such as temperature »

ACI Motor’s Pohela Boishakh Celebration with Boishakhi Iftar

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and Bengali New Year 1429, ACI Motors had a Boishakhi celebration country-wide on 14 April 2022. Boishakhi Iftar programs were organized in 16 Districts across 33 places in the country with great enthusiasm and spontaneous participation of all the well-wishers of »

ACI Bumper Tricho helping Farmers to Protect Plant

In last November, ACI Fertilizer brought Bumper Tricho Powder in the market. Bumper Tricho is a type of Trichoderma spp. Fungi (Biofertilizer). Trichoderma as biological control agents have been widely used against many plant pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and higher parasitic plants. By this time farmers used »

Bitter Gourd Field Day held at Chandina, Cumilla

On 2 April 2022, ACI Seed arranged a Field Day Program on Palee Plus, a leading variety of bitter gourd of East-West Seed dated under M/S Sonali Beej Vander at Madhaiya, Chandina, Cumilla. ACI Seed is giving a special focus on the variety considering the market potentiality. Palee Plus »

Field Day of Tamim Plus at Daulatpur, Kushtia

ACI Seed arranged a Field Day Program of Tamim Plus, a prominent variety of cucumber of East-West Seed on 11 April 2022. The field day was held under M/S Khan Beej Vander at Daulatpur, Kushtia. Daulatpur is a potential place for cucumber cultivation in winter season instead of tobacco »

Field Day of Okra Variety – Bullet at Sadar, Kishorganj

On 21 April 2022, ACI Seed arranged a Field Day Program on orka variety Bullet at Sadar, Kishorganj. Mr. Monirul Alam, Asst. Product Manager; Mr. Khairul Islam, Asst. Product Manager; Mr. Alok Chandra Sil, Area Sales Manager and Mr. Rasel Mia, Sr. Marketing Officer of ACI Seed were present in »

ACI Seed Cucumber Field Day at Dinajpur

ACI Seed arranged a Field Day Program on cucumber variety Messi on 16 April 2022 at Birganj, Dinajpur. Mr. Iqbal Hossain, Sales Manager; Mr. Zakir Sarder, Regional Sales Manager; Mr. Rezaul Islam, Area Sales Manager of ACI Seed were present at the program. More than 60 farmers and retailers participated »

Protein Discovery Reveals How Fungi Bypasses Plant Defenses

A research team led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University (WSU) found that the Sclerotinia sclerotiorum fungus uses a protein to bypass the natural defenses of plants and cause extensive rot in hundreds of broad leaf plant varieties. According to Weidong Chen, »

A New Wearable Technology -- For Plants

Plants can't speak up when they are thirsty. And visual signs, such as shriveling or browning leaves, don't start until most of their water is gone. To detect water loss earlier, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have created a wearable sensor for plant leaves. The system wirelessly »