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Gene Editing Reduces Anxiety and Increases Food Intake in Japanese Medaka

Researchers from China investigated the impact of knocking out the Neuropeptide Y receptor Y2 (npy2r) in the behavior and food intake of Japanese rice fish, also known as medaka (Oryzias latipes). Results of the study showed that the absence of npy2r reduced anxiety and increased the food intake of Japanese »

Nigeria's GM Potato Project First-year Trial Shows 300% Yield Advantage

The Genetically Modified (GM) Potato Project in Nigeria has concluded its first-year multi-locational confined trial in three locations, with the biotech potatoes showing a uniform yield advantage of over 300 percent compared to the best-performing variety in the country without fungicide application. The harvested biotech potato did not show any »

Chili: Sharing is Caring

The history of chili peppers is pretty fascinating. If traced back in history indigenous people like Aztecs and Incas are even found to cultivate chilies. Originating in the Americas, specifically in regions like Mexico, Central America and South America, chili peppers belong to a historic timeline which dates back a »

Chili Growing Tips

As the popularity of the use of chili surplus the national borders, its demand is huge. One intending to go for chili cultivation will for sure get the benefits of the supply and demand chain. It is a profitable business for sure. Chili growing can be very intimidating, especially for »

Chili: Believe It or Not!

In the colorful tapestry of nature, where flavors dance, Chili emerges a vibrant tale, a fiery romance. Not akin to a fruit, nor a vegetable's kin, Chili stands alone, in a spicy spin. The spicy flavor is an inevitable component of food, especially in Asian cuisine more specifically South Asia. »

Year-Round Onion Variety Can Help to Bridge the Production Gap

Bangladesh is mostly dependent on locally cultivated winter onions to supply its annual demand of about 3.5 million metric tons (MT). Nonetheless, the current production is around 2.5–2.6 million MT, which is grown on 237,000 hectares of land. To address the current demand the country »

The Implementation of Transcriptomics in The Field of Plant Breeding Research

Transcriptomics plays a crucial role in the molecular breeding research of plants by providing valuable insights into the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying desirable traits. Here's how transcriptomics is used in the context of plant molecular breeding: Trait Identification and Characterization: Transcriptomics helps identify candidate genes and regulatory elements associated »

ACI Motors' Sonalika Tractor Triumphs

In October 2023, ACI Motors, the leading agricultural machinery provider in the country, organized a series of exciting events to celebrate their achievements and strengthen their bond with customers. The month was filled with remarkable milestones and initiatives that showcased ACI Motors' commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to »

ACI Fertilizer hosted Regional Dealer Conferences for Enhanced Market Success

ACI Fertilizer recently organized Regional Dealer Conferences in Dinajpur and Bogura, which took place last month. On 11 October 2023, the Regional Dealer Conference for the Rangpur Zone was held at BLC, Dinajpur. Additionally, on 25 October 2023, the Regional Dealer Conference for the Rajshahi Region was conducted at Hotel »

ACI Seed's Campaign promotes High-Yield Onion Cultivation

Onion cultivation holds great appeal for farmers in our country, and it is one of the key crops focused on by ACI Seed. To promote onion cultivation, the Business has launched a comprehensive campaign program targeting key customer points in potential areas. This initiative includes various activities such as farmers' »