While Banana is classified as a berry, strawberry is not! The following facts may even surprise you more:
• Bananas float in water because they are less dense in comparison.
• Bananas grow on plants that are officially considered an herb.
• A monkey peels a banana upside down when compared to our method, which is pinching the top and splitting the skin before peeling it down to reveal the fruit. This is an easier and less damaging method of peeling a banana.
• A green banana has very high starch content – as the fruit becomes yellow, this starch turns into sugars.
• Banana is made of about 75% water, which isn’t very much compared to other healthy wonders like cucumber or radish which has 96% and 95% respectively.
• Leather products like handbags or shoes can be polished with the inside of a banana skin, simply rub it on and wipe off with a rag.
• The 2014 Ig Nobel Prize in Physics was won by a team who discovered the reason why bananas are so slippery. As it turns out, it is all down to the polysaccharide molecules in the peel, a substance also found in our joints.