Alien, the word itself is an Enigma to the modern world. Imagine a red-fleshed and soft edible mass satisfying taste buds with its mesmerizing taste. Not only the taste but this pleases the vision all around. Having a minimal aesthetic look with its spiky thick petal-like protrusions the Dragon Fruit is under the spotlight in the kingdom of fruits. Yes, Pitaya or Dragon fruit can also convince your mind with its Alien-like mysteries along with taste buds and eyes.
• Dragon fruit grows on a cactus that blooms for one night per fruit cycle.
• Rumor has it that in one culture, it was common to re-eat the seed after they pass through the body.
• Dragon fruit is also known as strawberry pear or pity.
• Combination of dragon fruit with cucumber juice and honey, you can create a compound like an ale that can soothe burned skin.
• Alike the fruit itself the flower buds are edible.
• Eating too much red-colored dragon fruit can give you pseudohematuria, which can turn urine reddish.
• Pollination of the dragon fruit plant is done by nocturnal creatures, like moths and bats.
• Dragon fruits have a significantly high fiber content, which means that they can help bulk up bowel movement. It can even help eliminate constipation and IBS issues.