Owing to a height of eight to twenty inches, the flowering plant needs enough care and culture for an efficient result in cultivation. Both at the commercial level and in-home production are possible. Following the traditional and usual rules along with some techniques might boost the outcome. Points that might help:

What is the best time to sow?
End of the winter season is the best time to plant the black seed. To also make the harvesting period last longer the seeds can be sowed for several successive weeks after the winter.

What should be the depth and spacing?
Eight to ten inches deep and four to six inches apart would give a better result in fertile soil.

Sowing indoor or outdoor?
Sewn outdoors in soil having a pH of 6.0 and 7.0 provides a bulk of advantage in the cultivation process.

Irrigation favorable for the seed?
A lighter mist or spray is totally fine avoiding drenching them with mass water as it is pretty much fragile in its checklist.