One of the world’s oldest spices, Cardamom has some amazing facts that may surprise you:
• Cardamom, ginger, and turmeric belong to the same botanical family Zingiberaceae.
• There are 2 types of cardamom – black and green.
• White cardamom is not a variety of cardamom. It is the green ones bleached
• Cardamom is third most expensive spice in the world.
• Guatemala is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cardamom, followed by India.
• Throughout the Arab world, Cardamom is one of the most popular spices, with Cardamom coffee being a symbol of hospitality and prestige.
• The Vikings first introduced cardamom to Scandinavia and it forms an integral part of their cuisine even today.
• In Scandinavia, it is often used for baking.