A fruit, small enough to look for but popular as a gassed-up ingredient in the kingdom of fruits. Well, the interesting fact lies in its size. The size it displays is indirectly proportional to the taste and efficiency it expresses. Indeed it is the red tart, Cherry. Three words: Beauty, taste and uses would perfectly fit in the story while talking about the tart fruit. Despite its minimal size the red fruit never failed to amaze people with the facts it holds.
• There are more than 1000 varieties of cherries that grow in the wild, but less than 10 are harvested commercially to produce fruit.
• Maraschino cherries, the popular ice cream sundae topping and cocktail garnish are pickled.
• Cherries are a big part of a made-up historic story which refers to 6-year-old George Washington the former president of the United States of America chopping down his father's Cherry tree and confessing the truth as a sign of honesty.
• Cherries were the part of ration of Roman soldiers. Wherever they traveled pits were discarded and became trees resulting in proliferation throughout the empire.
• Turkey is the world’s leading producer of Cherry producing 535,000 tons annually.
• The world record for Cherry pit spitting is 93 feet.
• Cherry can boost brain function to folds
• The red fruit can be a friend in need of having a good and deep sleep.