In general, cultivating a fruit tree usually needs more attention and care than the other types of plantations. When it comes to Cherry fruit, the list goes up and is highly sensitive to deal with. It needs more delicate care and nurture. Otherwise, its vulnerability affects the cultivation and yield. In order to ensure a perfect journey of harvest some tips might be of use.

Water is a Necessary Evil:
Water is the most important factor for a plant to grow but in the case of Cherry, the requirement is very strict. Because cherry trees are highly susceptible to root rot demanding well-drained fertile soil for their healthy development. Water clogs can be deadly.

Rise and Shine:
Starting from sunrise the plant needs eight hours of daily sunlight. As a result of this, dark places are not suitable for Cherry tree plantations.

Bird's favorite fruit:
Alike human birds love to eat cherries. It’s very important to protect the red pulp from them. Covering the whole tree with a net might save the cherries or hanging scare devices like aluminum pie pans from the limbs of trees also could be a good choice.

Perfect Season Perfect Yield:
Plantation of the tree in autumn (October/November) is the most ideal season. Making the plant ready to sprout by the spring.

Root home twice its size:
A hole is to be dug at least twice as wide and a third deeper that the root ball for ensuring enough room for the growing plant.