Chickens have been domesticated about 8000 years ago, initially for serving the nutrition demand of the family then boosted up to commercial production. Since then it is without a doubt a lucrative agribusiness. But the profit and earnings depend on certain parameters like proper planning, adequate capital, training and experience from the skilled organization or personnel, the right selection of the variety etc.

Here go some general tips which might be useful for one as a beginner-level Poultry Farmer.

Knowing the ‘Why’ of Chicken Farming

Before starting a work knowing why I am doing the work is very important which makes one more clear about the vision, purpose and results of the work. Among the diversified list of Agribusinesses, why choose chicken farming? Well, the answer is certain. It is more beneficial in terms of the small area required for farming which can be also done in urban areas with limited capacity. The capital required for starting the business is minimal to moderate and can be started with small numbers and expanded later with the availability of funds. Besides, the generation interval being short gives a quick turnover on investment within 8 weeks and gets returns on it. Last but not least it has a high demand with a ready market.

Planning before starting

Without a doubt, a good and efficient plan before starting something gives a better result. And before planning a farm training and gaining experience from the concerned and skilled personnel would add great value to it. While planning certain factors should be considered:

Getting the capital ready.

Selection of the variety of chicken depends on meat production and egg production.

Selection of the Farm location. Better moderately distant from the city and residential area, well ventilated, light reached and drained.

Listing down the requirements for building a farm.

Diving into Action

After the purpose is clear, the plan is sketched one is ready to go for the action of establishing the farm. Steps for the action:

•    Construction of A Pen

•    Arrangement of labor and manpower

•    Purchasing of day-old chicks

•    Ensuring proper organic feeding

•    Ensuring health management and regular checkups of the birds

•    Proper marketing

•    Selling in the demanded markets