For the development and proper growth of the human body, the necessity of protein is immense. Among the food items supplying this essential nutrition chicken is on the most favorite and preferable list. Because of its easy availability in the market and the taste it adds to any dish chicken has become an inseparable ingredient in different cuisine around the world. Looking into the nutritional facts, it provides 190 calories, 28.93 grams of protein including both the essential and non-essential ones, 7.41 grams of fat and different vitamins and minerals in it. It is also a fantastic substitute for red meat. It helps in the development of muscles and bones, it also helps to control weight, reduce heart risk factors, and provide a better mood with tryptophan which helps to secrete feel-good hormones etc.

Not only by nutrition but also the taste diversity the chicken offers to our tongue is truly amazing. The method of cooking and associated ingredients used while cooking create a multi-diversity in the taste of chicken. Starting from the spices mixed with the chicken pieces making kebab, chicken tandoori, chicken masala, chicken fry etc. is just a part of the list. It is also used as a side or ingredient in other dishes.

As part of the regular diet chicken is the best of all as it serves both the nutritional factors and taste. Starting from the dawn of civilization till now it has been the most commonly used ingredient. Sharing chicken at the dinner table with loved ones makes the food more enjoyable.

Freshly served chicken is ready, let’s enjoy.