In the colorful tapestry of nature, where flavors dance,
Chili emerges a vibrant tale, a fiery romance.
Not akin to a fruit, nor a vegetable's kin,
Chili stands alone, in a spicy spin.

The spicy flavor is an inevitable component of food, especially in Asian cuisine more specifically South Asia. Besides this region, Chili’s popularity is sky-high throughout the world. Tons of interesting facts referring to this spice without a doubt celebrating its worldwide popularity.

• Birds are immune to the heat of Chili. It is nature's work as the birds usually spread seeds to grow the plant.
• The chili pepper is one of the first domesticated plants in the agricultural history of mankind.
• There is a spicy or hotness scale known as the Scoville scale. Carolina Reaper Pepper 2,200,000 SHU holds the top rank.
• Chili peppers contain double the amount of vitamin c in compared to oranges.
• Capsaicin is the active ingredient in Chili which causes heat. This is used in making pepper sprays.
• There are more than 400 varieties of chilies.