Nurturing such a delicate and harvesting to get such an amazing product would always make one happy. To add some more happiness to this journey a few tips would play a great role.

Light but not direct:
The coffee plant prefers not to be directly exposed to sunlight rather dappled sunlight is more favorable. Over-exposure to sunlight will develop leaf browning.

Acidic Soil:
The coffee plant prefers acidic soil. 6 to 6.5 pH range is ideal.

High Temperature is a Necessary Evil:
The coffee plant grows very fast in high temperatures but it is not good for the beans. To ensure the delicacy of the beans it needs slow ripening at a steady pace.

Selection of the Variety:
Arabica coffee varieties are the most commonly available ones. The Liberica variant is sowed for a long harvesting period containing more caffeine. Robusta is a bitter tasted variant more preferable for instant coffee production.