In May 2022, combined Field Days on Seed, Fertilizer, Crop Care and Motors of ACI Ltd. were held at Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur; Singra, Natore; Raipur, Laxmipur and Borhanuddin, Bhola. ACI is providing full farming solutions to the farmers to increase the yield and create wealth. Local Agriculture Officials, Community Leaders and ACI Officials and representatives attended these events.
The biggest one was held at Udmara, Choybariya Station, Haiderganj, Raipur, Laxmipur. The local agriculture officers of DAE said that farmers are pleased after using ACI’s products. They used different technologies and solutions of ACI and got 21% higher yield in the treatment plot after harvesting. In ACI’s plot farmer got 28.78 Mounds Rice whereas in the control plot they got 23.79 Mounds yield. So ACI’s solution saves farmers’ costs and increases their income.
In a combined demo on boro rice (Field Day) held in Borhanuddin, Bhola, DD of DAE Bhola was present as the chief guest of this program. The result of the demo found 26.7 Mound/Bigha in the treatment plot whereas for control plot it is 19.2 Mound/Bigha.
Local farmers are happy to see these results and they are interested to use ACI products in the future.