Coriander is a shrub. Because it is a plant, it is natural to wonder if the coriander can be consumed raw or cooked.
• The concept of cooking with coriander plants stems from the belief that the coriander plant can be used as a spice. It has been used for much longer than in recent history. The early Romans, the Egyptians, and the Greeks used coriander leaves when cooking.
• The very taste of coriander makes it perfect to be used in the kitchen. It is usually not cooked as its own dish but is frequently used as a form of garnish in many different dishes all over the world.
• The chopped coriander leaves make for a great form of topping in different curries and dishes with a gravy base.
• Additionally, it is also popular for cooking pickles, sauces, and different chutneys. Coriander leaves are added as a form of spice to add flavor and are one of the oldest herbs and spices used in the world.
• Coriander leaves are used in food products that are cooked primarily in Middle Eastern, African, and Indian cuisines—these range from different forms of stews, vegetables, and soups. However, its usage and popularity are not limited to these parts of the world. Coriander is actually used globally.