Did you know Cotton can be grown in different colors – Off white (normal), brown, rust and even light purple? Here are some more interesting facts about Cotton.
• Cotton is stronger when it is wet. Unlike other cellulosic fibers (rayon, wood pulp) which lose strength when wet. This is important for many products such as wipes and medical fabrics that will get wet.
• Disposable diapers both adult and infant are white and absorbent so most people believe that they contain Cotton. Almost none of the commercially available diapers contain any Cotton at all. The fabric that touches the skin in these products is made with petroleum-based synthetic (plastic) fibers that are not biodegradable.
• Disposable wipes are the same as diapers. They are white and absorbent so most consumers think they are made from Cotton but again most have no Cotton in them.
• You support 100 million people from all four corners of the globe when you buy Cotton.
• Cotton fibers ‘pop out’ of mature dried pods. Right before drying out and popping, these pods are technically fruit called 'bolls'.
• Cotton seeds are very salt-resistant.