In the vibrant agricultural landscape of Bangladesh, we can create wealth for livestock farmers with the transformative impact of high-quality semen ensuring superior genetic traits. By enhancing the market value of calves and ensuring the prosperity of farmers, this approach offers a promising solution amidst the economic challenges faced by farmers due to rising cattle feed costs.

Through the introduction of premium quality semen from high-genetic-merit bulls, local breeds are undergoing a remarkable transformation into high-performing cattle. This transformation results in impressive milk production and the birth of larger, faster-growing calves with optimal Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

A recent instance at the 'North Bengal Cow Fair 2023' showcased the success of this approach. A rural farmer named Mohammad Sumon showcased a 7-month-old Sahiwal Bull Calf bred using the superior semen of ACI Animal Genetics, a breeding organization committed to enhancing local breeds in Bangladesh. The calf's rapid growth, robust body, and distinctive traits captivated every visitor. Although the initial expected value was BDT 90,000 to 95,000, the calf, with the support of the Bangladesh Dairy Farmer's Association, was priced through a bidding war and was ultimately sold for an astounding BDT 1,45,000, exemplifying the profound impact of superior genetic traits on the market value of calves and the economic prosperity of farmers.

This success story echoes the pivotal role of high-quality semen with superior genetic traits in not only enhancing the market value of calves but also ensuring the prosperity of farmers like Mohammad Sumon. It signifies a promising path to economic empowerment and sustainable agricultural development, ultimately transforming the livelihoods of farmers and the landscape of livestock farming in Bangladesh.

Dr. F H Ansarey
ACI Agribusinesses Division