Proper post-harvest handling and storage of food produces are equally important to the intensive and extensive farming in securing food for a nation. A survey revealed that post-harvest losses of Fruits and Vegetables at 23.6 to 43.5 percent of the total production in Bangladesh. This loss can be substantially avoided by building storage facilities through public private partnership (PPP). Private sector can operate the storage facilities build by the public sector. In the food manufacturing industry, cryogenic freezing is a relatively new method of freezing in which the food is exposed to an atmosphere below -60°C through direct contact with liquefied gases such as nitrogen. It is becoming popular especially for low production and varying capacity requirements. Fast freezing rate, small freezers size, low investment cost and very low dehydration are some of the benefits of this technology. In addition, preservation of fruits and vegetables using Liquid Nitrogen freezing system allows preservation of taste, texture, and nutritional value in foods over long-term storage. In particular, the freshness of raw fruits and vegetables can be retained for long periods, extending beyond the normal season of most horticultural crops using this system.
Photo: Cryogenic Cabinet Freezer

Dr. F H Ansarey

Managing Director & CEO

ACI Agribusiness