One cup of dates has about 380 calories, 27 percent of the recommended daily requirement of potassium and 48 percent of daily fiber needs. Their low water and high sugar content give them a shelf-life of many months, up to a year if stored correctly. A fruit like dates is pretty easy to store, there are several means, but the most common mean used to preserve dates is by refrigeration. It can preserve your dates for up to a year. Another way of preserving dates is by storing them in a cool dry place at room temperature, this method would preserve your dates for a few months.

You can use date and its many derivatives in different ways:
• Use date crumbles in your cereals, for some extra sweetness and taste
• Enjoy your breakfast with a few slices of bread and date paste used as the spread. Think of the flavor and the taste of this combination, the juiciness, and sweetness of the dates mixed with the softness of your bread.
• Mix dates paste with your yogurt, ice cream, and milk; this would definitely make you smile, the flavor coming from the dates and the milk. Not only would it taste amazing, but the health benefits of this combination would also be great and healthy, and nutrient-filled.
• Make use of dates’ sugar instead of regular sugar in your food, tea and so many more.
• Add dates to your fruit cake. Do you love fruit cakes? Don’t you want to know what extra flavor and taste you would be getting by adding dates to your recipe? It would be amazing.
• You can also add dates to your smoothies. You already know the health benefits of this delicious fruit, and you should know by now that it has a great taste, to get double the package, of nutrients and great taste, add a few dates to your smoothie and tell us how it was.
• Sweeten things up with some extra flavor and sweetness in your salad with dates.