Here goes a mysterious question, “which one came into the world first? Chicken or egg?” Some will claim chicken, some egg. While people are still solving the mystery let us have a quick check on how far the interest in the egg can go. Not only our partner of three meals, part of a healthy diet, providing plenty of nutrition - the list never goes off while talking about eggs. The way this wonderful food component never fails to amaze us with the delicacies made from it, its fact would do so.

• Eggs are good for the eyes because they contain lutein which prevents cataracts and muscle degeneration.
• The shell and yolk color don’t affect the taste of the egg.
• One egg means 100 grams of new tissue growth in the body
• It takes a chicken 24 to 26 hours to produce an egg.
• Eggs are rich in choline which promotes normal cell activity
• The word yolk derives from an Old English word for ‘yellow’.