Cuisine around the world has a common magical ingredient in the list. That is the egg. Why not call it a magical one? How many food items and dishes can be prepared with just one ingredient? Starting from the handmade dough of Italian bakers up to the handmade egg omelet of Bangladesh everywhere the use of yolk persists. Cake, sweet dishes, tea, pudding, waffles, bread, Pie, biscuits, toast etc. an unending list can be prepared.

Chicken eggs and ostrich eggs are the most popular and commonly eaten variety. Besides, pigeon, duck and quail eggs are also available in the market.
This is the only food with high biological value and its digestibility is very high. Besides, its protein value is high. It contains all the essential proteins. One egg carries 75 calories of which 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat and 1.6 grams of saturated fat along with iron, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids.

Human has been consuming eggs since the dawn of the human race both in cooked and raw form. It is edible in both forms. Eggs are a powerhouse of health,
Why not grab it? Let’s have eggs and never beg for health.