A special field day of ACI Fertilizer was organized at Khagrachori Sadar, Khagrachori. The farmers Pinku Kusum Chakma and Suvodrra Chakma used Bumper Surokkha Jaibo Sar, Humistar, Gypsar, Bioferti and some other products of ACI Fertilizer in their Mango, Litchi, Pineapple, Guava and Jujube orchards of 2 acres land. They got an excellent yield of fruits there. The farmers expressed their gratitude to ACI Fertilizer for providing a complete solution to their garden. As a result their neighbours also showed interest in ACI Fertilizer products. One of their neighbor farmers is now planning to plant 4000 Mango saplings and Coffee in their 50 acre lands; they will use ACI Fertilizer there.
Local Agriculture Officer Ms. Mukta said, they are very happy to see this result. Moreover, they will suggest other farmers to use ACI Fertilizer Product.
Sales Manager Mr. Firoz Hossain said that ACI Fertilizer is providing high quality and very effective products in the market and farmers will get high yield by using these products. Product Manager Mr. Harun or Rashid said that ACI Fertilizer is providing many new technologies for better soil and plant health which can help farmers to get the best crop’s yield.
Along with other local farmers, Upazila Agriculture Officer Ms. Mukta Chakma, Rangamati; DD Horticulture Mr. Kishore Kumar; Sales Manager of ACI Fertilizer Mr. Firoz Hossain and Product Manager Mr. Harun or Rashid attended the meeting.