DON 111 is a leading maize variety of ACI Seed. It is a long persisting and year-round variety of CORTEVA Agri Science. The Business is giving a special focus on the variety considering the market potentiality. The farmers have got satisfactory results by cultivating DON 111 in Rabi Season in different places of the country. The performance of the variety is very consistent and there is a strong resistance against NCLB (Northern Corn Leaf Blight) and FAW (Fall Army Worm).
The average yield of the variety in the early sowing window is 12-13 MT per Hectare. The grain color is bright orange and the grain type is medium to bold semi flint. The husk cover is fairly closed. The shelling percentage is 84%. As natural calamities are the main obstacle for maize production and DON 111 has a very firm stand ability feature throughout the window.

Sandy river bed of Padma, Jamuna, Brahmaputra and Tista are the early and very potential window for maize cultivation. To promote more in this area, ACI Seed arranged a field day program in May 2022 at Jamalpur to show the performance of the variety to farmers and traders. Jamalpur has a large part of sandy river bed and DON 111 is the farmer’s first choice to cultivate early maize variety.
The farmers and retailers were very excited to see the performance of the variety. The green feature during the harvesting stage and uniformed cob with deep orange grain color are the key highlights of the variety. Even the production is also up to the mark at 14% moisture. It can be stored for a long time as the moisture content is very less and stored grain pest infestation rate is also less. After this FFD farmers have promised to continue with this variety and are grateful to ACI for the service.