On 21 April 2022, ACI Seed arranged a Field Day Program on orka variety Bullet at Sadar, Kishorganj. Mr. Monirul Alam, Asst. Product Manager; Mr. Khairul Islam, Asst. Product Manager; Mr. Alok Chandra Sil, Area Sales Manager and Mr. Rasel Mia, Sr. Marketing Officer of ACI Seed were present in the program. More than 55 farmers and retailers participated in the field day. The Managers of ACI Seed discussed the characteristics and performance of the variety. The model farmer cultivated Bullet in 45 decimal lands and he has already harvested fruits 11 times from his land. He expected to get 150-160 mond yield from the field. He is very pleased to get the excellent results of Bullet in terms of fruit size, shape and color.
Okra - Bullet is one of the leading varieties in Vegetables Portfolio of ACI Seed. The farmers are getting excellent results over a couple of years by cultivating Bullet. Bullet is a year-round variety. Farmers can start the harvest from 40-45 days after seed sowing. The fruit length is 12-14 cm long and color is attractive green. The plants are in the dwarf segment with shorter internodes and the number of fruits is 50-55 per plant. The disease tolerance is high and the yield is 12-14 MT per acre.
The participating farmers and retailers were very excited to see the performance and know the key information about Bullet through the program. Now they are committed to cultivating the variety in the next season.