In April 2018, Field Day programs on Ratno in Hobigonj, Kushtia, Khulna, Faridpur and Rajbari were arranged by ACI Fertilizer. The aim of these Field Days was to show the practical result of applying Ratno NPKS Fertilizer in Rice and Onion. The result was fruitfully positive because the expected yield was achieved from the demonstration plot. There was a Field Day on Ratno Fertilizer targeting Rice at Madhobpur, Habiganj dated on 29 April 2018 in the presence of Agriculture Officer, local Chairman, Stockiest, Retailers and Model Farmers. The yield variation was 27% over control plot. Moreover, ACI Fertilizer conducted Field Day on NEB targeting maize at Kshobpur, Jashore and Kushtia. After using NEB in maize, the costing of Urea got decreased. Now it is being applied once after mixing with NEB, whereas they had to apply urea twice before. Again, after applying NEB, maize plant got stronger, the number of maize grain increased and the plants became greener.