On 23 May 2021, ACI Seed has organized a webinar on Hybrid Rice (Dhani Gold) through the Facebook page of Fosholi. The key speakers for the webinar were Mr. Sudhir Chandra Nath, Business Director, ACI Seed; Mr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahaman, General Manager-Marketing and Sales, ACI Seed; Mr. Mostafa Kamal, Business Manager - Seeds and Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability Lead, Bayer Crop Science Ltd; and Mr. Mohammad Reaz Uddin Ahmed, Market Development and Regulatory lead BD, Bayer Crop Science Ltd. Mr. Sudhir Chandra Nath discussed about the introduction of hybrid rice in Bangladesh, governing policy and regulatory issues during its inception. Besides, importance of hybrid rice and experience of hybrid rice seed of other Asian countries were also a part of the discussion. Mr. Mostafa Kamal explained the global experience of Bayer Crop Science regarding Dhani Gold, climate adaptation, and expectations from ACI Seed. Mr. Mizanur Rahman discussed in detail about Dhani gold with its feature & beneficial issues, marketing insights, profitability comparison by cultivating Dhani Gold compared to other promising varieties of Aman Season. Mr. Reaz Uddin Ahmed shared last year’s trial report, technical issues regarding seedbed preparation, and the agronomic practices of Dhani Gold cultivation. After the session, there was a question and answer segment. ACI Seed panel answered the question asked by the audience. Around 1100 people viewed the webinar.

Dhani Gold is a highly potential variety for Aman Season in Bangladesh. It can give up to 280 to 285 panicles that can bring additional 12-15 maund rice per acre than the traditional HYV rice variety. The additional yield can bring additional 12000 to 15000 taka income which will bring remarkable change for farmers’ income and rural economy. Seedling age, right spacing, appropriate seedling planting depth and single seedling transplantation can ensure 28-30 maund rice yield per bigha.