On 30 July 2018, the second version of Fosholi app has been released in Google Playstore. Fosholi, the mobile application that is aimed to bring about a revolutionary change in the agricultural sector of Bangladesh, has started to reach the farmers of Bangladesh in a steady and effective pace. The second version of the app contains modifications based on the response of its users. The collaborative effort of 25 Field Executives and 4200 lead farmers of IDSS (Intelligent Decision Support System) project area have made induced the app developers’ team to go for a simple and user-friendly interface. No user is now required to log in using a password to access the app; signing up and putting a password can be difficult for the common farmers who are just beginning to use apps in general. The requirement of user log in is now reduced to only location specific advisory cases to ensure that most other important and relevant content reaches a wider audience straightforwardly. The contents of Fosholi are now more logically organized in steps like- ‘Pre Cultivation’, ‘Cultivation’, ‘Post Cultivation’ to help the farmers relate the arrangement to their common agrarian practice. The ‘Question Bank’ option is more enriched and resourceful as it contains questions collected from the field, reflecting the actual experiences and challenges faced by farmers. Another handy option that comes with the latest version is that it allows the user to announce their Buy or Sell intention of produce for better matchmaking. Moreover, the updated version of Fosholi allows its users to keep themselves updated about the latest market price of agricultural goods. Location and operating day of the nearest local market can also be tracked down using Fosholi through Google map services. One of the most significant changes that comes with Fosholiv2 is the addition of search option. Instead of going through a random menu, users can now easily get their desired information using simple keywords.