Wheat seeds from various accession numbers were selected in tissue culture lab for inoculating on MS media to check germination percentage. Five seeds were placed in each glass vial with solid MS media. Fungal contamination was observed on the 2nd day of the inoculation. Three glass vials (sample 1, sample 2 and sample 3) with fungal contamination were randomly selected for identification of fungal pathogens. Pictures were taken for each glass vials (Figure 1, 2 & 3).

Figure 1: Sample 1 (V35)
Figure 2: Sample 2 (V30)

With the help of needles, pathogens were isolated and slides were prepared for the microscopic views. Seeds were rescued from fungus contaminated media and washed thoroughly with distilled water. Seeds were placed on clean distilled water soaked filter papers continuously for 10 days. Germination percentage of seeds was recorded which are presented on the next page.

Figure 3: Sample 3 (V7).

Germination % of three wheat verities:

Prepared by
Aqief Afzal
Research Assistant
ASRBC, ACI Limited